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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

DAY 2- I Love Java

This is what I felt when I came to know about Java. Concrete, precise with almost no "ifs and buts" and very near to real-life object model. Java is a strictly object-oriented language.Whatmore, everythin is written in class code and dont need to mandatorily include main() function. When a program is compiled by running 'javac' at command prompt, its .class file is generated. the file is called byte code. the interpreter 'java' loads the given class file and any other program requires & begin execution by invoking the main method of given class.

Byte code has its own advantages. It is portable & suitable for any kind of OS (However in reality, different architectures have different JVM). Byte code is smaller in size when compared to .exe, therefore it takes less transfer time on networks. But everythin isn't rosy here. Interpreter i.e. JVM is slower (as it is virtual machine) than compiler, so the execution is slower when compared to C where the EXE code can be directly understood by machine. JVM is a kind of virtual micro-processor different for different platform with its own instruction, obviously implemented in software.

Java doesn't have pointers just removing redundancy complexity and making it secure. some ppl argue that Java is just a successor of C++. Definitely, it is more than that.It is platform indpendent. Java has vast range of packages from simple system tools to highly comples packages for artificial intelligence. The enormity of Java sometimes send the shiver in my spines. This is not the language u can master by joinin any course. It might happen that u may study all ur life this language and still consider urself an intermediate in it. It ranges from applet to sockets, from complex servlet to java to RMI and what not. To master Java, u should have endurance to keep in pace with ever-changing Java technologies. Yes, Java in itself is technology and will remain in the future.


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